Eliza Greenman, Marketing Coordinator for the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies has shared some info on the latest summer kids classes being offered.

Summer’s not over yet at Aspen Center for Environmental Studies!

Organic Art Classes

Next week’s summer kids classes for 9 to 12 years-olds are all about art. Organic Art at Hallam Lake will have kids making art the natural way; using their imagination, resourcefulness, and creativity. Instructor Penny Greenwell will lead explorations of the bountiful grounds of ACES as the class searches for natural materials to make all their art supplies and media: brushes, charcoal, ink like Leonardo da Vinci used, dyes, paint and paper. We’ll use vines and leaves to build sculptures, make prints, drawings, books, and paintings. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and create from nature!

Sustainable Lifestyles

Is Rock Bottom Ranch more convenient for your family?

Have your 9 to 12 year-olds grab a camera and head to RBR to photograph and discover how they can learn and teach others about a “sustainable lifestyle” through the lens of a camera.They’ll explore how to help our planet by photographing the gardens, animals and the sustainable practices at RBR. Each child will have the opportunity to interpret their images and discuss ways they can help protect our world through this exciting summer kids class! Fun walks, talks and exploration of the secret places around the ranch are sure to inspire young photographers’ eyes and minds.

Instructor Catherine Adams will teach age appropriate camera mechanics and techniques while nurturing and advancing each child’s abilities, vision, and creative communication skills. Imaging downloading, editing and on-site critiques are also a part of this class.

Summer Kids Classes Sign Up

Space is still available for these summer kids classes. Please contact ACES at 970-925-5756 or visit the website for further details.

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