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family skiing in Vail and Beaver CreekColorado touches the sky, we know, it requires loads of sunblock for protection.

Listing all the reasons vacationing in Colorado is a good thing is nothing compared to riding a chair lift cresting over a peak , marveling at the blue sky as the view steals your breath.  The blue of this sky without pollution or clouds can only be experienced.

A most impressive natural attraction as the Rocky Mountains cannot be missed in a lifetime.  This is one of the best reasons people visit or live here.  Luckily we are surrounded by other natural features, events and activities creating a winter wonderland for families.

Residing here for 21 years hasn’t dulled my awe for the immense size of the Rockies or how each area of Colorado is known for different terrain and experiences unique to that region.  The variety of characteristics makes Colorado worth visiting every year or twice a year to see winter and summer.

For families, Colorado keeps children active and parents satisfied.  Yes, we have the skiing, and it is the best in the world, and yes we are biased, but who cares, we love it here!  Read The Secrets out about Vail Mountain from the Locals.

DSC00579So what else can we tempt families with for fun?  Events of every type for instance.  Outdoor events like Concerts and ski and snowboarding events.  Seriously, we have libraries that are full of indoor warm fun for kids!  The Town of Vail Public Library has story hours, DVD rentals, computers and a warm fire. Visit our events page for up to date events for your visit.

Water is everywhere; the best winter options are hot tubs in most hotels and condos but if you need to expand your use of water try the Avon Recreation center, killer water slide for starters and festive kiddie area.  Parents there is water in wine and beer, and there are plenty of places for you to wet your whistle.

Read Dining out with your family blogs: moisture for kids and parents.

Other outdoor activities like Nordic Skiing, snow shoeing, Snowmobiling, sleigh rides, Ice skating are all offered.  Ice skating at Solaris is perfect for families because the kids can go wild and the adults have several options in that area.  Parents can have a deliciously brewed cup of coffee from a locally owned coffee shop, Yeti’s.  PS they serve beer and wine, as well.

There is also a movie theater Cinebistro where eating and drinking in the theater are encouraged and served.  If that’s not enough, go Bowling at Bol.  See, it’s perfect for families.  If you must buy a fur or art you can do that all while keeping an eye on the kids.

family skiing in Vail and Beaver CreekYou like history try the Colorado Ski Museum in Vail Village.  It’s free to go in and see the history.  Great Colorado and skiing gifts for poor friends and family who couldn’t join you on vacation.

Last year, Vail celebrated it’s 50th year and they have a fascinating movie about Vail’s 50 years- definitely a must see while you are at the museum.  Read Changes to Colorado’s ski resorts

We’ve only sampled a few quick, family fun ideas that popped into our head, but you can explore the website for more ideas and email us if you have questions.

Vail and Beaver Creek is where the mountain is located, but some of the best activities, outside of skiing are located in the surrounding communities.

All other activities are listed on our website. Make sure, you look in the coupon section for deals and discounts.

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