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Vail Dining - Photo by Jack Affleck

One of the best qualities of a world class ski resort is world class eating!  It’s the fuel that keeps you moving around on the ski slopes for one of it’s important qualities but we just think eating is fun!   It’s challenging to make decisions on where to eat around town and it’s very important for families to know where the family friendly establishments are located.

We have broken down the current restaurants so if you need a quick bite because you cannot drag your ski’s any further or want to change out of your ski clothes and spiff up a bit, we have those answers for you.

The family dining spots where pizza, pasta and burgers are plentiful are strategically located so you don’t have to exert too much effort to eat. They have lively atmospheres, frequented by the locals and have that excellent small town, ski resort feel.

The more spiffy places, although none have a true dress code so you have to risk rejection, are plentiful and welcoming to families.  Ski clothes are accepted everywhere and seem to be everywhere.  Sometimes mothers put down their foot and make you shower and dress up, at least my mom does.  It’s ok to comb your hair before you eat!

There are a few new places in Vail Village and Lionshead.  Vendettas expanded it’s pizza bar area so there is more pie to consume.  A couple of places like Lancelot offer dining specials for earlier birds which is usually families.  Great value, delicious meat for your dollars.  My families favorite is Bully Ranch in the Sonnealpe for the scrumptious food, bustling atmosphere and for the adults live entertainment at the King’s Club.

Don’t let Vail Village or Lionshead be your only choices, there are nooks and crannies all over town that have delicious food, great for families and decent pricing. Our restaurant section will have a whole list of options for you to choose from.  Plus we have Money Saving Coupons

Local restaurants serve a variety of food everything from organic meats and veggies to food with a more ethnic flair. Many places have signature appetizers or specials so ask for them first so you can try some new dishes.  We like the tuna sashimi and au gratin potatoes at Russells.

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Photo Credit:
Jack Affleck