Vail is loaded with unique specialty shopping including ski and ski apparel shops.  The collections offered in Vail contain items not found at regular city sporting good shops.  It’s one of the many perks of shopping in Vail and Beaver Creek.With the ski and apparel shops exploding with top of the line equipment and clothes found only in the top ski areas, Vail and Beaver Creek are incredible places to shop.

An element of choices for equipment and apparel sometimes forgotten is the people working in these shops and living in the community use and choose the equipment and apparel.  So the options for visiting skiers are incredible.

Another important point is each shop makes choices on products they carry so they don’t duplicated exactly what another store sells.  There will be overlap on some products but your best bet is to step into each store, they are all different.

Parents- there are specific shops catering to families by providing a variety of kids clothing and equipment.  One spot gives parents plenty of options for high quality products so families can spend their time on the slopes.

Dotted through out the Villages are coffee shops offering coffee made right in the Vail area, toy stores with local and Colorado products, candy shops with a plethora of sweets.  A cosmetic shop with specialty products for women and men, a collection only in Vail. Mini marketplaces to pick out some needed accessories and art galleries with acclaimed artists from all over the world.

In addition, a holiday shop stuffed with gifts all winter season long.  Betty Ford Alpine Garden shop gives visitors the opportunity to take a piece of summer and history home.  Just steps outside the Vail Parking structure is the Colorado Ski Museum where the free museum brings ski history alive.  This is a perfect place for holiday gifts fitting for the ski bums in your life.

Surrounding each of the villages is shopping with excellent inventory and reasonable prices.  There are choices for groceries, home improvement, home accessories and clothing.  Good luck and happy shopping here in this great little shopping town.