Summer Camps

My memories of childhood are stuffed with my experiences of summer camp. It’s been many years since my camp locked its doors but I remember many names, faces and stories from my years at camp.

I grew up at this place and learned about the world within the forest. The plants, animals, trees and rocks were my playground. I didn’t need any toys, video games, T.V’s or cell phones. My imagination created my world.

Sometimes I thumb through my camp journal and am amazed at my observations on camp life.

“Certain parts of camp seemed ominous to me and the quiet sound of space pulsed through me except for the bees buzzing, birds conversing and the memorable light wind that made the trees come alive. The wind would break the silence, cool you down and brush memories through your mind. There was always a pleasant aroma one I could only smell at camp. It was a combination of woods, raspberry bushes, moisture, sand and kitchen. The aroma remains intact every time I go back even though the surroundings grow.“

As I would wander around the camp I had those special places I liked to hang out with friends.

“Rocks are wonderful things, they each are individual but put them together and they can create their own memories. They produce strong staircases that lead all over the camp. One particular staircase was a place my friends and I would congregate and it still held the stories, visions, dreams and explanations from people who came from all over the world. The stories of different lives homes, families, religions, opinions and beliefs. I have sat in the comfortable memory chair and the experiences move through my mind like a photo album.”

I miss that place and the joy I felt but the feelings are stored in the happy places of my soul.

Camps and activities in the Vail Valley are plentiful so every kid can have the opportunity to have fun this spring and summer. The camps range from sports, music, art, acting, nature and academic. The activities are adventurous and push the bounds of the natural world. For visitors and locals the Vail Valley has camps and activities any kid would be interested in participating in. They can specialize in one activity or try a few to get a feel for them. We are surrounded by nature so the elements important to me as a kid can still be found.

Some of the camps and summer activities available are

Summer activities are plentiful such as Glenwood Caverns Adventure Camp, Rock Climbing, hiking, and rafting. The Vail Valley is perfect for families to keep busy and have fun.