What is Summit County Colorado?

what and where is Summit County ColoradoSummit County is a familiar description used all the time in our local communities. Realizing not everyone knows what Summit County is, we thought a short description might help you navigate around this mountain community.

It’s a county in Colorado with a variety of towns and ski areas.

Here is what’s in Summit County

Ski areas

1. Copper Mountain

2. Breckenridge Ski area

3. Keystone Ski Area

4. Arapahoe Basin (Abasin) Ski Area

5. Loveland Ski area: although this is not technically in Summit County it’s in clear creek county- it feels part of summit county.

Towns in Summit County

1. Silverthorne

2. Frisco

3. Breckenridge

4. Dillion

* there are a few other little towns, but these are the main towns, when referencing Summit County.

Copper mountain has a village area with shops, restaurants and lodging for guests. Located on the edge of Summit County bordering Eagle County, the home of Vail Ski area and Town and Beaver Creek ski area.

Frisco is a wonderful little town off of I-70, the first exit you come to from Copper Mountain, heading west. They have a plethora of town activities and consider their mountain Copper Mountain. It’s a fantastic place in the summer with outdoor concerts and BBQ Challenges. It also has a marina in the summer since it’s sits on Lake Dillion. In the winter, there’s an adventure park making it a perfect place for families.

From Frisco, you can drive into the Town of Breckenridge. Breckenridge town sits at the base of Breckenridge Ski Area. You will be amazed at the number of shops in this town and was one of the old west, mining towns. Plenty of places to stay, eat, shop and drink.

Frisco has two exits off of I-70 one from the east and one from the west. It shares the shoreline of the Dillion Reservoir with the Town of Dillion.

Silverthorne has all the fantastic outlet shops the locals go for they’re wears. It’s from this exit you can hit shops on both the north and south side of I-70. But if you want to go to the ski resorts you head south, passing through Dillion to get to Keystone Ski area and Arapahoe Ski areas. Dillion has a quaint downtown area and a marina. Keystone is a village area with lodging, shops and restaurants and prides themselves on being the perfect places for families.

Past Keystone is Arapahoe Basin or Abasin as the locals call it. It’s predominantly a ski area with a base restaurant/bar. If you want to ski there, you can stay in Keystone, Dillion or Silverthorne.

Lastly, Loveland Ski area an incredible ski area on the top of the world. The views are unbelievable! This area is located at the top of Eisenhower tunnel just before you drop into Summit County.

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