Frequently Asked Questions

Should We Bring Our Own Skis or Rent?

The question of renting vs owning is a question of how many days a year the person spends on the slopes. If you ski less that 8, rent.

The benefits of renting: you don’t have to lug the skis, pay an airline fee and worry about damage or lost luggage. Plus, renting offers you choices of the latest and greatest equipment for your ski vacation. Additional perks include, ski valet services at the rental locations, boot driers, delivery to your location and access to professionals in case of problem equipment.

Ski Boots are another discussion. Always buy and bring your own boots. Foot cramps, 6th toes, shin bang, etc, boot pain can ruin a ski vacation. Find a professional boot fitter, one with extensive boot fitting experience. Have them create a ski boot built for your foot. What you need for a good boot fit.

Where Should We Rent Our Ski Equipment?

Find a rental shop that is a full time, year round ski shop. Many times, seasonal ski shop hire “warm bodies” to act as salespeople on the floor.

Chose one close to the lifts and ask if nightly storage is included and if they have boot dryers. Ask about multiple day rental discounts as well.

When Should We Start Our Kids Skiing or Snowboarding?

All kids are different, but kids with good balance and good hand-eye coordination will have a good start, if they have not developed those skills yet, give them more time. If you kid can kick a soccer ball or ride a bike, they are probably handle the riggers of skiing and snowboarding. Don’t push too hard. If you do, you may lose them to video games.

Which is Easier Skiing or Snowboarding?

Todays equipment make learning to ski and snowboard much easier. There is a country wide program designed to encourage new comers to winter sports. The Learn to Ski and Ride program is sponsored by the Snowsports Industries of America.( This program happens during the month of January, and has participating resorts from coast to coast and in the US and Canada.

A little tip: Typically, a resort will offer free equipment, lessons and lift tickets to never-evers as way to get them on the slopes. Many resort offer multi-day programs and even discounted lift tickets if you return to the resort later in the year.

Should We Start Our Kids in Ski School?

AB-solutely. Let a trained professional remove the potential for tears and tantrums. If possible, take the child to the ski school the day before the lesson, introduce them to the teacher if possible. Put equipment on before you show up at ski school. Play games with the boots on, so your child associates fun game with the ski boots, (a piece of candy or two doesn’t hurt either) Little kids don’t understand the idea that ski boots fit snuggly around your feet and can become scared the first time.

Are You Required to Wear Your Pants Very Low on Your Butt to Snowboard?

No way dude. At some point, you realize that a cold, wet butt is not much fun. Besides, no one wants to hear ”who brought the old dude?”