3 Reasons to visit the Glenwood Caverns this Memorial Day Weekend

3 Reasons to visit the Glenwood Caverns this Memorial Day Weekend

3 reasons to visit Glenwood Caverns.  Crawling on your belly into tight spaces to view rarely seen caves, catapulting over the Colorado River on a giant swing where the drop down is thousands of feet or zipping around on a mountain top being kept alive by a roller coaster.

Well that’s 3 reasons!

At the Glenwood Caverns there are more like 30 reasons to visit but this is a thrill taster at this crazy fun park.  Someone was caught saying the Giant Canyon Swing was one of the scariest rides they have ever been on.  So that’s a bonus!

In addition to all the thrills……….

Reason 1: Cave Tours

  • Historic Fairy Caves. THIS IS A NEW TOUR.  It’s 45 minutes and it’s a quarter mile underground strolling through hidden regions recently discovered.  It’s amazing to be able to wander around this underground cavern.
  • King’s Row Cave:  An adventure into the earth to the most highly decorated cave room in Colorado!
    Highlights of the tour include: a descent of 150 feet down, stalactities, stalagmites, soda straws and cave bacon.
  • Wild Cave- This is an extreme caving adventure with a 2 hour guided hike deep into the earths core with an on your belly crawling experience.  Some spots you are squeezing through 18 inches to see incredible cave and rock formations.

Reason 2: Thrill Tours

  • Alpine Coasters
  • Cliff Hanger Roller Coaster
  • Giant Canyon Swing
  • Soaring Eagle Zip Ride

Reason 3: Attractions-

In case you did not have enough fun yet these tid bits of excitement can be enjoyed on a mountain top in Glenwood, Colorado as well.  There is a tram taking you  to the top, a 4 D Motion Theatre, Climbing Wall, Laser Tag and Wild West Saloon Photos- those are always a “hoot.”

They are running a tram coupon for the summer so make sure you take advantage of it.  This is one of those attractions you just can’t pass up.  The kids will go wild and parents it’s incredible to see what’s happening below the surface and if you are like us we couldn’t resist the Giant Swing.