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Positive self-talk leads to higher self esteem in everyone

Positive self-talk leads to higher self esteem in everyone

Change Your Thoughts Change You and Your Children’s Lives by Julia Kozusko, LPC Because of children’s developing brains and lack of life experience, they are prone to becoming easily frustrated with themselves and to saying negative statements. Many a parent has heard their child say, “I can’t do it, I will never do it, or I hate myself”, etc. We can spend time intentionally helping our children and ourselves learn to be kinder to ourselves.
The Cycle Effect by Brett and Tam Donelson

The Cycle Effect by Brett and Tam Donelson

The Cycle Effect By Shauna Farnell Brett and Tam Donelson are building dreams, bolstering young lives one female rider at a time When Rita Gutierrez first tried mountain biking, she narrowly avoided crashing headfirst into a river. Six years later, you won’t catch the recent high school graduate going anywhere without a bike. Gutierrez is a veteran member of The Cycle Effect, the nonprofit group founded by Edwards residents Brett and Tam Donelson.

Talk to your kids about legal pot in Colorado

It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to in Colorado these days – or even outside of the state – the topic of pot will come up. There is a fascination with the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana in 2014 that borders on obsession. And don’t think your kids aren’t listening. Children at a very early age begin to pick up on what all the adults are talking about, especially if it’s the first question out of the mouth of your van driver on the way to Universal Orlando Resort in Florida,.

Keystone Ski Resort: What every family needs to know

Keystone: A Mountain of Possibilities When Max Dercum founded Keystone over 43 years ago, he knew he was onto something special, a beautiful spot high atop the Rocky Mountains: the perfect place to ski the day away and create lasting memories with friends and family. Today the tradition continues with three unique mountains featuring scenic groomers, tree-skiing, powder stashes, glades, bowl skiing, Snowcat ski tours and endless opportunities for fun.

Breckenridge youth help town toward sustainable future.

Two years ago, the Town of Breckenridge adopted the Sustainable Breck Plan in an effort to ensure the town is sustainable into the future. As part of the plan, the town has chosen ten specific areas in which to take action, including resource conservation, transportation, water and land use. Part of the action plan involved an effort to reduce the number of disposable bags used in town. According to research, approximately 2- to 3-million single-use bags are used each year in Breckenridge alone.
How to build strong relationships with your children

How to build strong relationships with your children

A healthy relationship between parents and children will forge a bond that revolves around trust, respect and reliability and will lead to successful interactions. When we have a positive relationship with our children, we can influence them to make good decisions rather than control their actions. This is something that becomes increasingly more important as they get older because if children don’t feel they are understood by their parents, they might seek this from a sometimes negative peer group.
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